Lindsay Dolomount

(Summer Student Award)

I have had an excellent experience in my lab as I was assigned to work with a Master’s student on a project I was very interested in. The grad students were very helpful in teaching me lab techniques but I have also worked independently and played a big role in conducting this research project. I also REALLY enjoyed our visits to the different labs in the Training Program! It was so great to get to speak with other PI’s and hear about their research from themselves and their grad students. All were helpful in explaining their work at a level we could understand. A very exciting part of this Summer Studentship Program was the chance to live outside my province for a summer (in a city as fun as Montreal!). It has been a great social experience and I have made many friends within my lab, my residence, and of course with the other summer students.

Bryce Durafourt

(Graduate Student Award)

Being a part of the CIHR Neuroinflammation Training Program over the past two years has been a rewarding experience. I was fortunate to have received a salary award as well as travel awards from the program, which allowed to me to present my work at international conferences. Being a part of the Trainee Committee, I was involved in organizing the program’s 2011 annual symposium, and as a result I was able to network with trainees from other institutions as well as have hands-on experience at conference organization. The monthly trainee seminars organized by the program gave us a chance to interact with other labs and learn about each others’ research interests, and the invited speaker series introduced us to top researchers from around the world. Overall, being a part of the training program greatly enhanced my graduate student experience, and I am happy to have been a part of the program throughout the course of my studies. I am excited to now be starting medical school at McGill, and I feel that my experiences as a graduate student in the Neuroinflammation Training Program have helped prepare me well for this next step in my studies. I look forward to staying involved in research as a medical student and later as a physician, when I hope to combine my clinical practice with clinical research.

Raphael Schneider

(Postgraduate Fellowship Award)

Between 2008 and 2011 I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the CR-CHUM in Dr. Nathalie Arbour's laboratory. She has been a wonderful mentor.  I enjoyed working with her and closely collaborating with Dr. Alexandre Prat's group and the MS clinic. Through the lectures and meetings organized by the Neuroinflammation Training Program, I met and intereacted with many interesting people working in the same field. With financial support from the program I was able to present my work at numerous international meetings. I am indeed grateful to the organizers of the Neuroinflammation Training program for this wonderfully enriching experience. It was an important step in my career, which I am now pursuing as a Resident in the Neurology Program at the University of Toronto.

Crystal Lee

(Travel Award)

Thanks to the Neuroinflammation Training Program Travel Award, I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the 11th European School of Neuroimmunology course at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. It was an enriching cultural and academic exchange with researchers in the field from across Europe. Travel highlights: Céilidh with folk dancing and kilts, and trying haggis for the first time. This trip was truly a great experience with memories that will last a lifetime!