Mayo, Nancy E. PhD

James McGill Professor

Department of Medicine, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
Royal Victoria Hospital Ross Pavilion R4.29687, Pine Ave West, Montreal, QC, H3A 1A1
(514) 842 1231 (36922)
(514) 843 1493

Research Profile

Nancy Mayo has two major research programs: one on stroke and one related to health services and outcomes research. The unifying theme of her research is outcome measurement and improvement and use of administrative databases for clinical research. In the arena of health services and outcomes research, she has applied knowledge of modeling time to discharge to waiting time for breast cancer surgery and examined variation in waiting time and also in stroke hospitalization outcomes. She has conducted a number of clinical trials on service delivery for persons with stroke and has just completed a large database study with Dr Bruno Gagnon on end-of-life care for women dying of breast cancer. In the area of stroke, she has investigated the impact of stroke on the individual, the family and society. This led her to do research in the area of outcomes: impairments, disability, handicap, and QOL, as well as on the impact on caregivers and society at large, in terms of population burden. This research program pointed out gaps in the care that stroke patients receive and led to a series of clinical trials evaluating care-delivery models (home-based rehabilitation, case-management to enhance continuity of care, late rehabilitation), cost-effectiveness and policy implications.


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Recent Publications

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