Joober, Ridha MD PhD

Associate Professor

Douglas Mental Health University Institute, McGill University
6875, LaSalle Boulevard, Verdun, Quebec, H4H 1R3
(514) 761 6131 (2404)
(514) 888 4064

Research Profile

Afflicting one percent of the adult population with devastating hallucinations, delusions and social impairment, schizophrenia has long been known to have a genetic component. Ridha Joober, MD, PhD, joined the Douglas Hospital Research Centre in 1999 and has since made significant strides in unveiling the pharmaco-genetic basis of schizophrenia and in identifying genes modulating animal behavioral traits relevant to schizophrenia. He is also co-director of the Research Centre’s Schizophrenia and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Theme. Affiliated with McGill University, Ridha Joober currently holds positions as assistant professor with the Department of Psychiatry, and associate member with the departments of genetics and neurology & neurosurgery.


Genetics, schizophrenia, autism, ADHD, animal models, QTL mapping

Recent Publications

  • Hovington CL, Bodnar M, Chakravarty MM, Joober R, Malla AK, Lepage M. Investigation of white matter abnormalities in first episode psychosis patients with persistent negative symptoms. Psychiatry Res. 2015 Sep 30;233(3):402-8. doi: 10.1016/j.pscychresns.2015.06.017.
  • Buchy L, Hawco C, Joober R, Malla A, Lepage M. Cognitive insight in first-episode schizophrenia: Further evidence for a role of the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex. Schizophr Res. 2015 Aug;166(1-3):65-8. doi: 10.1016/j.schres.2015.05.009.
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