Our faculty members are from 3 Montreal area universities (McGill University, Université de Montréal, and Université du Québec). We have a long-standing history of individual and collective research accomplishments in the area of neuroinflammation.

Our team brings together clinician scientists (Antel, Arnold, Bar-Or, Duquette, Joober, Prat), epidemiologists (Wolfson, Mayo), cell and molecular biologists (Antel, Arbour, Bar-Or, David, Fournier, Luheshi, Nalbantoglu, Piccirillo, Prat, Zhang), neurobiologists (David, Luheshi, Nalbantoglu, Zhang), geneticist (Joober), and a virologist (Talbot). Our team also includes members engaged in pre-clinical testing (David, Luheshi, Nalbantoglu, Prat, Zhang) and clinical trials (Antel, Arnold, Bar-Or, Duquette, Joober), and health outcomes research (Wolfson, Mayo, Duquette).